"To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk" -Thomas Edison


I hate throwing things out or seeing things go to waste. I am drawn to materials that have been worn down by use, age and nature. My art is made mostly out of materials found discarded in our environment, such as rusted metal, old wood, old tools, twigs, bone and other natural materials.

I feel compelled to take these minimal incoherent fragments or ruins from our lives and make new creations. These creations are small monuments to every passing moment and the recycling of refuse of every moment past. I want to build from our ruins a place that cannot be destroyed or neglected.


Jodie Fink is passionate about recycling and has been making sculptures out of detritus for over thirty-five years. She has shown these recycled homages of our everyday lives in New York, New Jersey, California, France, and Africa. Trained as a photographer at Pratt Institute, she uses her keen eye to make spontaneous, whimsical and often ironic creations from the world around her. The materials used have been found discarded in the environment and give her sculptures a raw primitive feel.

Jodie was awarded a Ford Foundation grant for her photography and has had several artist residencies at Foundation Karolyi in France and Dorland Mountain Colony in California for her sculpture. She continues to actively show her work nationally and internationally.